Online Photo Reordering
Damon Borgnino
Thursday, December 20, 2018

Dear Butteville Union Elementary School Staff,

The LAST CHANCE Opportunity, ONLINE Re-Ordering Period STARTS TODAY (until January 21st).
Please email the following ONLINE Ordering/Re-Ordering Instructions to ALL of your Parents:
1.   Go to ""  (see link below)
2.   Click on:   "Order Products"
3.   Click on:   "View All Events and Organizations"
4.   Click on:   "Butteville Union Elementary (2nd Opportunity Orders)"
5.   Enter:   "Parent's Email Address" (for us to email the purchase receipt)
6.   Enter:   "School's Password" - school's "mascot name" (use all lower case letters).... "eagles"
7.   Place Order
8.   Receipt Emailed to Parent's Email Address
Delivery Timeline:  These orders will get shipped to your School's Office by Monday, February 11, 2019 for distribution to your students.